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Pediatric Prostheses for Phocomelia, Hemimelia, Alcheira and the Amniotic Band Syndrome

Pediatric Prostheses for Phocomelia Hemimelia Al
Pediatric  Prostheses : for Phocomelia, Hemimelia, Alcheira and the Amniotic Band Syndrome.

The most functional and nicest solution for children and newborns.

If you are looking for a nice looking and  fubctional pediatric prosthesis for your child, choose our products specially  designed for children and newborns.

We make  prostheses for newborns as well, so we wish to inform you of the benefits you  can get starting from the third month of life of your infant.

The infant may:

  • Quickly learn how to use the prosthetic device (by reaching for dangling toy or holding on to a parent’s finger)
  • Develop a better ability at using it
  • Make it feel as if the device were a part of the baby’s body 
  • Be more independent throughout all phases of infant development

The sooner  a prosthetic device id applied, the better it will be for the child’s growth. It  helps to gain  independence and control in a child’s everyday life  from the very first months following birth.

Thus your child will be more used to wearing a  pediatric prosthesis, and when the time comes, the switch to an adult-sized  prosthesis will be less difficult.

Centro Ortopedico Essedi has created functional and cosmetic upper limb  prostheses, specially pediatric, for over 10 years.

We are different from other companies because we  project and customize pediatric prostheses directly in our laboratories, and we  follow our “little patients” through every technical and prosthetic step of the  way.

Once a medical doctor prescribes a prosthesis, Centro  Ortopedico Essedi will design, fabricate and fit your prosthesis, which is a  100% custom undertaking. Centro Ortopedico Essedi take great care in fostering  relationships with their “little clients”. We understand the importance of  trust and communication when working with children and asking them to wear  their prostheses daily. We try to ensure the environment remains happy and calm.

Contact us for an appointment or a visit. Fill  out this form to make an enquiry.Our facility is in Marnate, Italy, near Malpensa  airport

We look forward to hearing from you and  assisting you with your orthotic or prosthetic requirements

Sergio and Diana
Centro Ortopedico Essedi

 Please note that Centro Ortopedico Essedi is a private practice and the information here reported  is only informative.

You are encouraged to contact your Medical Doctor or a provider with expertise in their field of competence to make proper and more appropriate decisions.

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We are in MARNATE (VA), in via LUIGI POMINI 92
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From monday to friday (saturday we re closed)
from 9:00 to 12:30
and from 14:00 to 18:30

For special request, we receive only by appointement.

Centro Ortopedico Essedi
VIA POMINI 92, 21050 MARNATE (VA) - VAT: 02521320123
Telephone: 0331 502909
Fax: 0331 483949

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