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How was Essedi Orthopedic Center born? Let us tell you a story….

How was Essedi Orthopedic Center born Let us tell
Sergio Carpenteri and Diana Scardanzan have always been great friends. They met each other at school, and no one would ever have thought that their friendship would have so much influence on their future careers.
As qualified medical foot specialists, they worked for the most important Italian orthopedic centers. They both gained relevant experience by working with passion and dealing with several different pathologies.
Sergio and Diana’s enthusiasm and acquired competence led them to set up their own orthopedic center In 1999, the very first location of ESSEDI
Since then, research and experimentation have been their core business, by building and customizing Orthopaedic support devices and helping many patients.
Their passion for their job makes them continuously update their skills and knowledge, and invest their time and resources into researching new and innovative supports which can alleviate the pain and discomfort of those who are physically challenged. 
ESSEDI is always willing to learn and to experiment with new orthopedic support devices, using innovative materials, such as specific orthopedic supports, orthopedic insoles, custom-made orthopedic shoes and carbon fiber supports for both amateur and professional athletes
Throughout their professional careers Sergio and Diana have particularly specialized in making and adapting pediatric orthopedic supports to treat orthopedic pathologies and neurological disorders in infants. Well-being is their main objective: the children are closely followed and, depending on their pathologies, they may also be followed together with the hospitals or the qualified medical centers.
The experience gained in treating clubfoot in children using the original Ponseti Method developed in the USA by the Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, M.D. has led to an important project in 2009: the production, experimentation and licensing of a revolutionary orthopedic support which is used to treat some types of clubfoot in children.
Sergio and Diana’s efforts and professionalism have been rewarded with national notoriety and some great new changes.
The Center has now a great new location with unique characteristics. This warm and welcoming building uses technology along with colorful and cheerful rooms to help patients of all ages to feel at ease.The air-conditioning of the whole building is based on an innovative Japanese concept which allows low energy consumption.
A good workplace is always very important for ESSEDI; that is why Teresa, an artist and a good friend of Sergio and Diana’s, created graffiti and wall paintings for the young patients.
"The wall paintings have moved to our new location together with us, Centro Ortopedico Essedi,  to remind us of where we come from and of how our story started"

CENTRO ORTOPEDICO ESSEDI’S objective is to make customized and always innovative orthopedic products to help and support each and every patient, including newborns, to improve overall quality of life.
CENTRO ORTOPEDICO ESSEDI’s staff establishes both a medical and a personal connection with the patients for a better understanding of the subject’s history and expectations, thus offering specific guidance towards choosing the right support which will give autonomy and serenity back to the person and the family.


After the verb "to love" the verb "to help" is the most beautiful in the world

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We are in MARNATE (VA), in via LUIGI POMINI 92
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Centro Ortopedico Essedi
VIA POMINI 92, 21050 MARNATE (VA) - VAT: 02521320123
Telephone: 0331 502909
Fax: 0331 483949

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