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Quantum ossur
Quantum ossur
Nel video in questa pagina potrete scoprire alcune delle molte possibilità offerte dalla mano #iLimb # Quantum de Össur. Questa è la taglia XS di piccole dimensioni. È la mano con la massima capacità di regolazione da parte dell'utente, poiché è possib...
Bebionic small
Bebionic small
Learn about the technology used in the bebionic small by exploring the key features in the video and here.. 30% smaller than the bebionic medium, making it the perfect size for women, teenagers and smaller framed men. Weighs just 390 grams with distrib...
I-limb ultra Revolution
Ilimb ultra Revolution
Here is a complete feature listing for the i-limb ultra revolution:

Unparelled Dexterity

Powered rotating thumb
automatically switches between lateral and oppositional grip patterns
reliable and consistent access to precision grips
more natural transition a...
Michelangelo Hand
Michelangelo Hand
Centro Ortopedico Essedi is  proud to present in Italy the new Michelangelo prosthetic hand created by Otto  Bock, one of the most innovative solutions on the market today

OTTO BOCK created a robotic prosthetic hand that gives high functionality, which ...
BeBionic Prosthetic Hand
BeBionic Prosthetic Hand
Centro Ortopedico Essedi is proud to present in Italy the new BeBionic, a myoelectric prosthetic hand that can transform the lives of amputees worldwide, and help them to regain independence and control in their everyday lives.

L'azienda STEPPER created...
I- limb digits
I limb digits
La nuova frontiera I-digits:presto la versione in italiano. Per informazioni scarica la brochure inglese qui sotto.
After the verb "to love" the verb "to help" is the most beautiful in the world
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We are in MARNATE (VA), in via LUIGI POMINI 92
Opening time
From monday to friday (saturday we re closed)
from 9:00 to 12:30
and from 14:00 to 18:30

For special request, we receive only by appointement.

Centro Ortopedico Essedi
VIA POMINI 92, 21050 MARNATE (VA) - VAT: 02521320123
Telephone: 0331 502909
Fax: 0331 483949

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